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Standard Rental Listing Package


Features / Prices Standard Listing Package
Appears on site home page
Bold headline
Unlimited text for property descriptions
Property Images
5 photos
Display Seasonal Rates
Display Special Offers
Location map via Google Maps
Search engine friendly detail page
Contact form with direct enquiries
Printable listing flyer
'Send to Friend' functionality
Easy-to-use property management tools
1-month package (Save 30%!)
THB 600 THB 420*
3-month package (Save 40%!)
THB 1,800 THB 1,080*
6-month package (Save 50%!)
THB 3,600 THB 1,800*

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NOTE: All prices are expressed in Thai Baht and subject to 7% VAT.


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What does this mean to you?

• Choose a 1-month package, your rental gets listed for 2 months

• Choose a 3-month package, your rental gets listed for 4 months

• Choose a 6-month package, your rental gets listed for 7 months


If you cancel your listing at any time during the first month, you won't pay anything!