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Why list your rental on is the favourite website for landlords and owners of property in Phuket to get their house, apartment, villa or commercial property rented. Here's just a few of the reasons why:

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    Easy to Use and Manage gives you all the tools necessary to promote your property as accurately and attractively as possible.

    With an easy-to-use Property Management tool, you can quickly add, edit or update your rental listing at any time... 24/7! At the same time, our friendly staff are just a phone call or email away, should you need help at any time.

    In addition to our fantastic management tools, rental owners can:

    • Add any type of rental, including a house, villa, apartment, condominium, townhouse, penthouse or even commercial property
    • Add rentals on a short-term (available on a daily basis) or long-term (on monthly basis) or both
    • Add seasonal rates for rentals available on a daily basis
    • See how many times their rental listing has been viewed
    • Print their listing in a flyer format, or email it to interested parties directly from
    • Activate or deactivate their listing at any time

  • list your phuket rental

    0% Commissions!

    With agents or brokers, you'll be paying anywhere from 10 - 15% (or more) in commissions — an amount that can become quite significant depending on your rental rates and the duration of the rental.

    With you pay absolutely no commissions whatsoever. Apart from paying our low listing rates, everything else you earn from your rental is all yours!

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    Cheap and Cost-Effective!

    Compared to classified advertising or commission-based arrangements with real estate agents, is a bargain! For just a few Baht a day, your listing gets displayed to thousands! offers two attractive packages (standard and enhanced) for you to choose from along with special discounts and a free trial option!

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    Highly Visible on Search Engines

    For the thousands of renters searching online for a rental property in Phuket, is the first place they'll look due to its high visibility on all major search engines as well as supplementary directories and indexes.

    This means your rental listing gets seen more often and by more people than anywhere else!

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    Pro-Active Marketing

    Apart from high search engine rankings, the team uses other marketing tools to actively promote your listing.

    Through advertising on other online/offline media, public relations efforts, sponsorship and other traditional marketing methods, our goal is simple: to fill your vacancy!


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