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Features / Prices Standard Enhanced
Featured on Blog -
Highlighted listing -
Top of listings and search result placement -
Appears on site home page
Bold headline
Unlimited text for property descriptions
Property Images 5 photos Unlimited
Display Seasonal Rates
Display Special Offers
Location map via Google Maps
Search engine friendly detail page
Contact form with direct enquiries
Printable listing flyer
'Send to Friend' functionality
Easy-to-use property management tools
1-month package (Save 30%!)
THB 600 THB 420*
THB 900 THB 630*
3-month package (Save 40%!)
THB 1,800 THB 1,080*
THB 2,700 THB 1,620*
6-month package (Save 50%!)
THB 3,600 THB 1,800*
THB 5,400 THB 2,700*

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NOTE: All prices are expressed in Thai Baht and subject to 7% VAT.


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What does this mean to you?

• Choose a 1-month package, your rental gets listed for 2 months

• Choose a 3-month package, your rental gets listed for 4 months

• Choose a 6-month package, your rental gets listed for 7 months


If you cancel your listing at any time during the first month, you won't pay anything!