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Phuket Holiday Rentals vs. Hotels - What's the Difference?

While our listings feature many holiday rentals in Phuket - these are generally not your average hotels. But what's the difference between a typical holiday rental and a hotel?


At we classify holiday rentals as detached or semi-detached villas, houses, townhouses, apartments or penthouses that are available for rent on a daily basis.


Here are some of the key advantages of renting a holiday home:


Size and Space provided by Holiday Rentals

While an average hotel room is simply a bedroom with bathroom, a holiday rental is definitely more like a full home. This would mean having a living area, a dining area, a kitchen, bathroom(s), bedroom(s) and more. So while an average hotel room might offer you between 30-50sqm. of living space, a holiday rental would, in most cases, offer at least double or triple the size.


What does this added size and space mean to you? Well for one, it gives you the freedom to enjoy a holiday in surroundings that are spacious and comfortable as opposed to cramped and restrictive. And when travelling with family or groups of friends, there's nothing more pleasant than having the space to relax and enjoy when you're indoors!


Interior Features of a Holiday Rental

As mentioned, interior features such as a kitchen, living room, dining area, are something the majority of hotel rooms won't offer. A holiday rental on the other hand, would be lacking if it didn't have all of these facilities and more!


Privacy within a Holiday Rental

Another positive aspect of renting a holiday home is the privacy afforded to residents. While hotels are a bustling mix of numerous guests and hotel employees surrounded by lobby, corridors, restaurants and more, a holiday rental by nature is much more secluded and private.


Of course, if you're looking to enjoy holidays in the midst of other vacationers, then you'll probably want to stay in a hotel. But for many, including seasoned travellers, couples and honeymooners, larger families and groups of friends, quite often the privacy factor afforded by holiday rentals is a real plus.


Cost of a Holiday Rental

Holiday rentals can range from budget-priced bungalows to luxurious private villas. Still, cost can become a factor when comparing a holiday rental to a hotel, depending on the length of your stay and the number of you traveling together.


For example, suppose there are six in your party of vacationers. While a luxury 3-bedroom villa with private pool may seem expensive at first glance - if you take into consideration what you would be paying for 3 deluxe hotel rooms at a luxury hotel you might find the former to be a far cheaper option.


And when you take into account all the factors, such as size, space, features and privacy mentioned beforehand - well, then the choice may be easier than you would have initially thought!


The final say...

While the advantages we've presented (and there are more), may prompt you to decide on a holiday rental as opposed to a hotel, you should also consider some of the disadvantages.


Hotels are after all a service-based industry, so if you're expecting the same levels of service in a holiday rental you may be in for a rude awakening. While some holiday rentals offer similar services as those you would find in a hotel, many don't. If room service, reception, concierge, bell-hops, etc. are important to you - then you're probably going to be more satisfied with a hotel stay.


Facilities are also something to look out for. Some holiday rentals may offer recreational facilities such as a fitness centre, tennis courts and restaurants, but many don't. Again, if these features are important to you then either make sure the holiday rental has these available, or opt for a hotel that does.


Whatever you choose, always remember that a great holiday is a mix of factors and these are often determined by your personal tastes and requirements. What may be a fantastic choice for some, may be a poor option for others... and at the end of the day, a holiday is all about enjoying yourself, so be sure to find the right place that will allow you to do just that!